Villa Namsong hotel

– Rating: 2 stars

This was taken in Vang Vieng on the beautiful grounds of the Nam Song Hotel of the Nam Song river. The hotel is located right alongside the Nam Song and was incredibly peaceful. Did we stay here? No. We stayed in the first guest house we found after getting off the bus. It was raining so we weren’t too keen on taking our time exploring around and the price was right, about 20,000 kip or $2. A big fan, no air conditioning, somewhat musty sheets, squat toilet and cement wash basin for bathing with no hot water. But the fan kept the few mosquitoes off and the temperature reasonable, and who needs hot water in a hot climate? Plus, at the Nam Song we would have paid $25 more. I mention this because there are so many choices and you can travel in Laos very cheaply and I feel quite safely. Whatever works.

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