Student Volunteer Tour

The Student Volunteer tour is just that – an opportunity to understand better the Vietnamese culture and community through volunteer work with local non – profit community programs in a safe and supportive environment and community program with language and art classes.
Volunteer days are interspersed with adventures in the local area, like visiting Hanoi, which not only deepens understanding of Vietnamese people, but also gives hard working volunteers time to play! A great way to do more than see Vietnam, but to really be part of Vietnam.

IndoGroup, Connecting across continents!

Created to bring individual students from across Europe together, this tour is specially to create an amazing cross-cultural learning, volunteering and travel experience for students 13 and older. With a maximum of 10 students, this intimate volunteerism journey is lead by a knowledgeable student volunteer in coordination with our IndoGroup specialist, which allows students to interact with Indochina in a secure and cooperative manner. From community boosting volunteer work, to team building activities, to visiting World Heritage Sites in Indochina, this tour is a growing experience that will truly change lives.
If you are interested in arranging a student tour, please email and let us set up a student trip that will change lives on both sides of the world!

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