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The Vietnamese – Italian Association of Corporate Directors (VACD-I), a non-profit organization that aggregates the Presidents of the Board, the Directors / General Managers and experts in the field of management strives common goal, which is to “build a better corporate governance” for the development of effective and sustainable businesses Community.

In the context of globalization and the economy is currently facing many difficulties, the sharing of investment opportunities, business, vision and management expertise in over the world, is becoming urgent needs of the business community, as well as an excellent solution of the business strategy to overcome from the crisis.

The decision of opening our VACD-I to create a solid bridge between the two business communities and contributing to open a very big door for goods and services for the Italian enterprises into Vietnam and Asia markets, as well as for Vietnamese goods and brands into the Italian and European markets. This is an ambitious goal with many difficulties to overcome. However, due to the interests of the business community and the economic development of both countries, VACD-I has determined to face the challenges to achieve the above goals.

The Vietnamese – Italian Association of Corporate Directors (VACD-I) totally believes that with the tremendous efforts of VACD-I Members and with the support of the Vietnamese Government as well as the effective assistance of the Italian Government, VACD-I will launch network programs and attractive projects for Vietnamese, Italian and European companies. “Mission – Connecting for the development of our business community will definitely get successful”