Language schools


In order to give the students a chance, our sponsors manage two language schools in Cambodia. These schools provide free classes daily to approximately 300 children and adults ranging in age from 10 to 30 years old. The subjects taught include English, Japanese, Khmer reading and writing, computer skills, traditional Khmer dance and photography. We provide the teachers, textbooks, school supplies, and learning aids for each class so that the only thing students have to focus on is learning.


After the success of the Cambodia language schools a school in Laos was the obvious first project as we began to work there. Using the passion and hard work of our scholarship students, we have set up a wonderful language school that runs each evening after students finish their day at the government school. The students range in age from 7 up to adult, but they all have something in common, a passion to learn.


Nowadays, with the Vietnamese Government Policy of openness, you are able to meet the students at our schools. They will be so happy to see you and speak English with you even at primary schools as well as at any school in our big cities. When you go to visit the schools, you can share with the students about your job and yourself. The students will definitely enjoy your topics. This program has helped the students a lot with their English speaking skill and we hope to get this program out into our countryside and mountain regions soon.

Give as you go: The language school is a great place to spend your time! We now offer in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, you can see the highlights and then spend a week volunteering at our language school when you take our Giving Tours.

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