For those with knowledge of Indochina the potential attraction for investment have always been apparent: The ´Lost City´ of Angkor political and religious center of the Khmer civilization from the 12th Century; The wonderful French colonial architecture of Hanoi and it´s unique old quarter, the vibrant Saigon streets, Halong Bay, an unique in the world and the historical centers of Hue and Hoi An, Angkor Wat, a wonderful temple of the world, Luang Prabang, Former Royal Capital are just some of the divers attractions of the region.

Since opening their respective borders to investment in the late 1980´s, the countries of Indochina are now starting to realize their potential as investment destinations. The first wave of foreign investment, plus the gradual internationalizing of the participants in the investment sector, significant improvements in infrastructure and service has been made. Today the countries of Indochina can be promoted with confidence.

indo group in a business trip

Indochina Group is an Independent ground operator, which specializes in the Indochina region. Our experience dates back to 1994. When we were amongst the first organizations to handle foreign investors into Vietnam. Since that time, we have grown to develop operations thought Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and European Countries. Our services include a range of standard and tailored trip from two to thirty days in all three countries, plus specific business and incentive workshop. With an excellent European Team, we have a deep commitment to the countries in which we operate, and have an ongoing policy of contributing to human resource development, protection of the environment, and historical heritage of the region.