Italy – Spain – France (13 days/ 12 nights)

Day 1: HANOI – ROME (meal not included)
Car and tour guide company pick you up at the rendezvous, transfer to Noi Bai airport for flight to Rome.
You refreshments and overnight on board.

Day 2: ROME (Lunch, Dinner)
Fumicino International airport, bus city tour to visit, the delegation will visit the city of Rome: Vatican State – An independent state in the heart of Italy.
You can see firsthand firsthand reliefs, paintings made that are indistinguishable to the naked eye.
At the Vatican Museum, your guests will be visiting art museums of all schools of painting of the renowned artist like Leona De Vinci, Michell Langelo …
Visit the Cathedral Sixtin and learn about the historical references Christianity through original artifacts are on display here.
Continue to visit the Church of St. Peter – the world’s largest church with ancient Roman catacombs, sacred sanctuary where all the Christian faithful are arriving dreamed even once in a lifetime (you are not allowed to dress shorts or short skirts when to visit the church).
12h00 Lunch at restaurant Pizza Papa Re popular taste.
Afternoon: visit the ancient city of Rome is known as the eternal city, visiting the Arena Colosseum (you are free to take pictures outside, or buy tickets to visit inside the ancient Roman arena). Take pictures and hear about the Roman ruins (Roman Forum).
Visiting the plaza Venezia, Trevi Fountain located in the heart of Rome. Shopping plaza in Spain.
Dinner at a Chinese restaurant.
Check in and overnight at hotel President Hotel or equivalent.

Day 3: ROME – FLORENCE (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Breakfast at the hotel.
You pay the hotel, car to depart for Florence (277 km – 4 hours by car), to Florence you have lunch at a Chinese restaurant, afternoon groups visiting the Duomo Santa Maria – cathedral and The most monumental town of Florence art, enjoy the works of outdoor sculpture by artists such as Michelangelo’s David genius on the town square.
Enjoy dinner at restaurant Europe, Overnight at Hotel Mediterraneo or equivalent.

Day 4: FLORENCE – PISA – VENICE for (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Breakfast at hotel, transfer to depart Pisa (99km – 1.26 hours by car), you visited the Leaning Tower of Pisa (external visit), a typical work of Italy.
You admire and photograph the religious architectural complex Pisa with the massive church built of marble splendor.
Lunch and enjoy the Italian cuisine restaurant.
After lunch, the car continues to tour to Venice (325 km – 4 hours 41 minutes drive).
Mestre Venice for guests to dinner at a Chinese restaurant, overnight at the hotel Albatros or equivalent.

Day 5: VENICE – MILAN (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Breakfast at hotel, bus transfer to the pier speedboats boarded the famous Venice City tour – with the very special architecture like the Bridge of Sighs, St. Santa Maria church, Castle Doges , visit the glass-making workshops and fine art with the typical product characteristics of blown glass art and fine art.
You are free to purchase the products of handicrafts, famous masks of Venice, you can free rent small boats of residents on the island to visit the small canal surrounded by city , Lunch at a restaurant on the island, after lunch you meet speedboat back to the mainland.
Pick Depart Milan (271 km) you to visit the fashion capital of Italy and across Europe, to visit the famous Duomo cathedral, a Gothic structure beautiful quaint. Shopping for fashion products in the famous fashion brand.
Dinner at the restaurant.
Overnight at hotel.

Day 6: MILAN – MADRID (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Breakfast at the hotel.
Bus transfer to airport for flight to Madrid, to Madrid, a shuttle downtown delegation.
Visit the city with the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu stadium of Real Madrid team (photographed outside).
Visiting the plaza Espana, Cortes Square, the plaza Cibeles (central post office).
Dinner at the restaurant.
Check in and overnight at the hotel.

Day 7: MADRID – TOLEDO – MADRID (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Breakfast at the hotel.
Depart to visit the city of Toledo, the ancient city with many towers, gates, and the house Morish architecture.
Visiting church of Santo Tome.
Back to Madrid, lunch at the restaurant.
In the afternoon you visit the Royal Palace, the Royal Army museum.
You are free to shop at the downtown center.
Night you can freely roam the streets to enjoy the flamenco music with the small drum pair, the song and dance of Spain by amateur artists performing on the streets or in bars.
Overnight at hotel.

Day 8: MADRID (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Breakfast at hotel, to visit the city of Madrid, visiting the stadium of Real Madrid team (golf Bernbeu), lunch at the restaurant, afternoon free to roam union and the procurement of goods, food early evening, the delegation visited the matches Gaur time (20:30 – 2 hours), overnight in hotels in Madrid.

Day 9: MADRID – PARIS (Breakfast, Dinner)
Breakfast at hotel, transfer to airport for flight to Paris, car pick you up at the airport, the delegation visited the Luxembourg Gardens Garden – the most famous beautiful gardens of Paris.
Dinner at restaurant and overnight at the hotel in Paris.

Day 10: PARIS (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Breakfast at the hotel, stroll through the Champs-Elysse, Arc de Triomphe, the Opera.
Visit the famous sights of Paris: Norte Daime De Paris (Notre Dame) – You can buy a ticket to self-sufficient church tower panoramic Seine River.
Visiting the Eiffel Tower – the symbol of Paris, 2nd floor panoramic view of the city from on high.
Visit Trocadero Square, La Concord Square, the central square of the city of Paris.
Lunch at the restaurant.
Afternoon: visit the Louver Museum – World’s largest museum, where to store thousands of priceless works of art of mankind.
Here, you will admire the original paintings Monalisa celebrated.
Take a boat trip along the river watching the city Sen with beautiful buildings on both sides.
Dinner at the restaurant.
Overnight at hotel.

Day 11: PARIS – VERSAILLES (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Breakfast at the hotel.
Visit the Palace of Versailles, one of the most magnificent palaces in Europe with famous works of art from the reign of King Louis 14th with the great room also preserve these priceless artifacts, the king Luis room, queen, emperor Napoleon …
Guests can self-purchase tickets visit the Royal gardens after visiting the palace.
About Paris for lunch at a restaurant.
PM: You are free to purchase the famous perfumes like Chanel France, Christan Dior shop in Paris … Look.
Dinner at restaurant and overnight at the hotel.

Day 12: PARIS – HANOI (Breakfast)
Breakfast at the hotel.
A car transfer to airport for flight to Vietnam.
Overnight on board.

Day 13: HANOI (Breakfast on the plane)
Go to Noi Bai International Airport.
Cars welcomed the delegation of the city.
Ending the program.

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