Hanoi – France – Belgium – Germany – Austria – Czech Republic – Hanoi

Day 01: Hanoi – Paris
Gathered at the rendezvous. You take the car to Noi Bai International Airport. Flight to Paris. Overnight on board.

Day 02: Paris
Breakfast on plane
06h45: Have Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris – the capital of France, which is known as the “city of light”. Pick up your guests to get a hotel room.
09h00: Pick up your guests stroll through the Champs – Elysse – famous boulevard with restaurants and entertainment service to be popular …. Today, this avenue is a center for recreation, tourism and commerce crowded with cars booth, banks, department stores, airlines, restaurants, the club dance floor nightlife and theaters roadside. This avenue is particularly lively at night. You continue to visit the Arc De Triomphe Triomphe Memorial Opera House and watched the small town rhythm Paris.
10:30: You visit the Eiffel Tower – the most famous symbol of Paris which takes 26 months to complete construction and inaugurated in January 3/1889 during the World Fair, the tower 320.75m. In the evening it becomes a symbol shining in the night like a jewelry. Here, you get to climb to the 2nd floor panoramic view of the city with the Seine winding around ancient architectural buildings from centuries XVII, XVIII and XIX …
12h00: Have lunch at the restaurant.
Afternoon: continue to visit Sacre Coure church on the hill Mont Mart Hill – home to artists of all ages from across Europe. Hilltop Roman temple built in the fifteenth century.
16h00: You cruise on the Seine with a boat: This is the unique culture of the people of Paris. You have the opportunity to admire the sights of Paris on the yacht can accommodate 1000 guests in approximately 01 hours 15 minutes. Guests will freely take photos of famous landmarks of Paris on a yacht: the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the Museum of Culture, Statue of Liberty model and dozens of bridges with a variety of designs several built during the fifteenth century to the present.
18h30: Dinner at the restaurant. Overnight hotel in Paris.

Day 03: Paris – Louvre
Breakfast buffet at the hotel.
09h00: You depart to visit the Louvre Museum. At the Louvre, you will admire the collection of paintings and sculptures belonging to various schools in every phase of the history of different countries such as France, Roman, Greek, Egypt.
12h30: Lunch at Chinese restaurant.
Afternoon: continue to visit the Norte Dame de Paris (Notre Dame), climb the 376 stairs to the Cathedral, panoramic view of the Seine, the Royal Gardens and the Vienna St.Cloud. Set foot on the sacred brick front staircase of church to become rich (according to legend) Draw Paris, you are free to shop.
18h30: dinner at the restaurant. Overnight at the hotel in Paris.

Day 04: Paris – Versailles
Breakfast buffet at the hotel.
09h00: Pick up local tour guides and tour to visit the Palace of Versailles
09h55: You started visiting the Palace was the residence of the Versailles- PhapLouis XIII king, Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI. Situated in the west of Paris in the city of Versailles, Versailles castle is a symbol of supreme power of the feudal France with an area and the architectural works extremely massive and magnificent. With a large 67,000 square-meter palace consists of more than 2,000 rooms, a park with flower garden has an area of ​​815 hectares ,.
12h30: Lunch at local restaurant.
PM: Pick returned to Paris, you are free to buy souvenirs, gifts relatives.
18h30: Dinner at the Chinese Restaurant. Overnight at hotel.

Day 05: Paris – Brussels – Cologne
Breakfast at the hotel.
09h00: Guests depart for Brussels.
12h00: Go to Brussels, you have lunch at the restaurant.
13h00: Guests depart Cologne. On the cars you see Brussels Capital. Guests to the city of Cologne – the fourth largest city in Germany after Berlin – Hamburg – Munich, was formed in the year 38 BC, the cultural and artistic treasures huge: 30 churches, hundreds of galleries shows. The most beautiful views of the old town and the famous church bell tower are located at the right bank of the river. Visiting the Dome Cathedral – one of the world’s most ancient churches with Gothic Renaissance fairy colorful and recognized “World Heritage Site” in 1996.
18h30: dinner at the restaurant. Overnight at the hotel in Cologne.

Day 06: Cologne – Frankfurt
AM: After breakfast at the hotel, we will pick you depart for the city of Frankfurt. Go places, you have lunch at the restaurant.
Afternoon: You visit the city Frankfurt – City of Finance of the Federal Republic of Germany. Sightseeing Goethes the great writer, Church of St. Paul, the city hall building of 15th century, the Dom Cathedral, the Opera. Freedom to explore the shopping center business in Frankfurt.
18h30: dinner at the restaurant. Overnight at the hotel in Frankfurt.

Day 07: Munich – Vienna (Austria)
After breakfast at the hotel.
09h00: Pick cars depart for Vienna. On the way, stopping off at Linz look – big industrial cities of Austria 3rd.
12h00: Lunch at local restaurant. Rest for a few minutes, you continue to depart for Vienna. Vienna route, dinner and group hotel in Vienna and get rest.

Day 08: Vienna
After breakfast at the hotel.
09h00: Pick up the delegation to visit the City of Vienna – Austria’s largest city is also one of the city’s culture, arts and tourism the most important, oldest in Europe …. Visit: Belvedere Palace – the palace of imperial Austria, was built in 1714. The Palace is a masterpiece of Vienna. HofburgPalace palace – built in 1279, was the residence of the Emperor of Austria is now the name of Presidential villa. You visit: Michaeler Platz Square. Karls Kirche Cathedral – built in 1715 – 1739, was an important architectural works of Vienna. This chapel was built for a country famous saint shirt. Stephans Cathedral – built from the XIV century architectural style Gothique. This is a typical structure for Vienna and also the second largest cathedral in the world.
12h00: lunch at the restaurant.
Afternoon: Shopping free shopping, goods and souvenirs for relatives and friends.
18h30: Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Vienna.

Day 09: Vienna – Brno – Prague (Czech Republic)
After breakfast at the hotel you prepare luggage.
09h00: Depart Arrive Prague (Czech Republic). On the way stop had lunch and visit the city of Brno – the capital of Moravia. Visit Brno.Sau capital which continue to depart for Prague. Arrived, the car to go to dinner at a restaurant. Overnight at hotel in Prague.

Day 10: Prague
Breakfast at the hotel.
09h00: Car and local guides welcome Visit the Capital of Prague all day. Prague – which is considered the only city in Europe remains intact to this day. It has hundreds of palaces, magnificent temples of gold, splendid, so called city Praha hundred ancient gold tower – the heart of Europe, also known as “poem in stone” … You visit: Democracy Square Square also known as “chicken”, Hradčany district – the oldest district of Prague, on the square is the town hall with the observation deck on the 14th century Observatory, the famous astronomical clock, over 400 years, not the wrong one minute, every hour, Jesus and the 12 apostles turned away a ring. in the roof of the clock with golden roosters, just 12 noon to take the crowing glory. That’s why it is called the Square “chicken”. People say that if anyone heard cocks crowing, the tour will have much luck. Stranov hill, where ancient castle – half for the visitors, the work of the president and those who run the country. Lunch at the restaurant.
Afternoon: Visit the Royal Castle of Prague, St Vitus Cathedral, St. George Monastery, the Royal Summer Palace (Royal Palace). Dine under the program. Overnight at hotel.

Day 11: Prague
Have breakfast at the hotel.
09h00: Xe and local guide welcome you to visit famous landmarks of Prague with Charles Bridge, Church of St Nicholasy, Nerudova street, WallensteinPalace Palace. Lunch at the restaurant.
Afternoon: Visit Square to Old Town Square, Municipal House, Art Deco Museum. Overnight at hotel. Freedom and dinner at the restaurant.

Day 12: Prague
Have breakfast at the hotel. You are free to relax all day, shopping for souvenirs, gifts for relatives, walking promenade or shopping street in the commercial center, home to visit friends (if you have friends in Prague)

Day 13: Prague – Hanoi
Morning: Breakfast at the hotel. You are free to ride out to the airport hours to about Vietnam. Overnight on board.

Day 14: Hanoi
Go to Noi Bai International Airport. Car Pick up at Noi Bai airport in the former meeting place. Ending the program. Hope to see you!

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