With the aim of building a better governance for the development of the business community, the Viet – Italy Association of Corporate Directors (VACD-I) has launched the Viet-Village project.

Viet-Village will stretch on the beautiful, sunny and windy coastline of Puglia, southern Italy where Vietnamese Managers will be exchanged, learning new management skills in an European civilization to develop the brand and outreach to the world as well as to get good experience of management for their companies.

Viet-Village is where gathering the convergence of administrators of mind and excitement who are expecting for getting an education of high quality in Europe for their children, and a better life in Italy – country ranks first for the food safety and second for the life expectancy in the world.

When being asked why she decided to develop her business in the coastal city, South Italian, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thanh Van, President of VACD-I, Founder of IndoGroup said: “Italy is my second home. I love this seaside city with warm Mediterranean climate, whole year getting sunshine, rustic and open-mind people, great Italian food for the health. It must be said that without having a peaceful life, and good health, you are unable to manage your company as well as taking good care of your familyā€¯.

Accompanying IndoGroup, the VACD-I do hope that in the future, with the support of the Italian Government by simplifying the investment procedures; with the strongest efforts and solidarity for the community development of the members from Vietnam, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany and USA, the Viet – Italy Association of Corporate Directors will build up and develop successfully the Vietnamese Community in Italy.